We can custom embroider your lab coat to create a truly distinctive and unique look.We can reproduce your practice logo, personalize your garments with your name, title or whatever you like ... or do both. 

Name your thread color and we will do our best to match it.

Jennifer lab coats will be embroidered on the left lapel. Embroidery on all other coat styles will be over the left pocket unless you give special instructions.




Embroidered Name and/or Text - Please limit text to 22 characters/line, maximum of 2 lines.







Logo Digitizing Fee - This is the minimum initial setup fee for digitizing your Logo and must be applied to your first Logo order. Please call to arrange sending your image file and to discuss whether charges greater than the minimum will need to be applied in order to meet your Logo requirements.  (If your Logo is already on file you will not need this setup fee). 


$40.00 minimum - Please call





Embroidered Logo - Special embroidery of company Logos is available at rates depending on size and detail of the Logo.  Please call to discuss whether charges greater than this minimum fee will need to be applied in order to meet your Logo requirements.   (The Logo Setup Fee for digitizing your Logo must be applied to your first Logo order.  Logos already on file will not need the setup fee.)  

 $15.00/garment -
Please call