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Science and fashion have come together at Doc's Duds to provide you with an offering of lab coats that includes some of the most current advances in textile technology. Three lines of fabric are available in each style.  

The main line of Doc's Duds garments is made of fabric that is Stain Release.  A polyester microfiber allows us to create a garment that is very lightweight and durable while being breathable, wrinkle resistant, and moisture wicking.   All that spells a lab coat that is both easy to wear and easy in terms of care.

Additionally, garments are available that are crafted with a textile made from an Antimicrobial yarn which creates a potent barrier against harmful bacteria. The texture and feel of the fabric is similar to fine Egyptian cotton. It is soft to the touch and very comfortable to wear. 

A heavier weight fabric may be required to best serve your needs.  Apparel made from this fabric is both Water and Stain Resistant.  Nanotechnology is the key to its special properties. 


Stain Release Fabric 

Microfibers visualized in front of  a human hair. 

  Microfibers are tiny threads which are 10 times finer than silk, up to 30 times finer than cotton, 40 times finer than wool and 100 times finer than a human hair. Many microfibers are woven together to create a single strand, many of which are then woven into a textile.

Such a construction creates a very durable cloth. It also creates a fabric that is very absorbant with moisture wicking properties that provide superior comfort in a garment. Microfiber strands may be smaller than many types of staining agents and even some bacteria so they sit on the surface and are easily washed away with just water and a mild soap providing easy care for apparel.



Antimicrobial Fabric

The yarn contains the active ingredient which makes the fabric bacteriostatic.  A silver ceramic additive is permanently embedded into the yarn's polymer matrix within each fiber.  Because the yarn is an inherent part of the fabric structure,  it will not wash or wear out and offers antimicrobial protection for the life of the garment including the elimination of odor causing bacteria. 

Textiles made from this yarn are 100% safe for humans and do not affect allergies.   Antimicrobial yarn has an extensive list of Regulatory Approvals and it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.    


Silver ions interfere with DNA replication and bind to proteins inside the bug causing it to become denatured, therefore it is unable to eat or multiply.


Water and Stain Resistant Fabric

What is a nanometer?  A nanometer is a unit that is one billionth of a meter, a measure that is 100,000 times thinner than a strand of human hair!   Technology that functions at chemo-physical levels in nanometric dimensions is called nanotechnology and nanotechnology has produced new methods for finishing fabric.

Water and soil resistant finishes developed with nanotechnology mimic the natural self-cleaning property observed below in the lotus leaf.  By binding with each fiber of the fabric, a durable micro-rough surface structure resembling peach fuzz on a molecular scale is created.  This keeps dirt or fluid droplets on the surface of the fabric. 

Water and oil-based spills bead up on fabrics treated with this type of finish but the look and feel of the fabric are not affected and fabric breathability is maintained so you remain comfortable.

                                 A natural self-cleaning property observed in the lotus leaf was studied using the electron microscope.  Water droplets carrying dirt particles rest above the leaf on micro-nodules and roll off.